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V.K.A Polymers is an ISO 14001:2015 Certified company and takes its environmental sustainability seriously. In order to assure our customers that the products sourced by them are produced using 100% renewable green energy we have invested in 4.0 MW Windmill farm in the district of Tirunelveli in South India. The wind turbines of world renowned Suzlon have been installed in the windmill farm location. The power generated from the wind energy generators is fed to the Tamilnadu State Electricity Board’s Grid and adjusted in the power consumption of various companies in our group including V.K.A Polymers. Surplus electric power produced from windmills is sold to the Tamil Nadu State Electricity Board.

Here are some of the reasons why V.K.A. Polymers invested in green and sustainable windmill energy:
      1. Renewable source of energy
      2. Eco – friendly
      3. Low operational cost
      4. Created green jobs and revitalizes rural company
      5. Does not destroy agricultural lands
      6. Comply with future trends of environment and sustainability compliance
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