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Blood Donation Camp

On account of world Malaria Day on 05-April-2018 V.K.A.POLYMERS PVT LTD. Organized blood donation camp. A large number of employees of voluntarily donated blood. 

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Employee Awarded

On 01-May-2018 International Workers’ Day, Employees who have been working for more than 10 years in V.K.A. polymers were awarded one month salary in recognition of their dedicated service to the organization.

New Canteen Facility

V.K.A.POLYMERS PVT LTD inaugurated a new canteen. The Special guest from Tamil Nadu Industries Corporation (TIC). The board of directors, employees, and other Government Officials attended the function.

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WHO Team Visit

World Health Organization of Pre Qualification(WHO-PQ) team audited V.K.A.POLYMERS PVT LTD during July 23-27, 2018.

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District Collector Visit

The District collector of Karur Mr .T.Anbalagan,IAS visited V.K.A. polymers on 07-August-2018

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SBI Deputy General Manager Visit

Mr.Sanjeev Nair Deputy General Manager of State Bank of India visits V.K.A.POLYMERS PVT LTD on 23-August-2018

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Gaja Cyclone

The board of Directors and CEO of V.K.A.POLYMERS PVT LTD and the Employees are generously contributed towards the Gaja cyclone from their one-day salary. All the cheques presented to Mr .T.Anbalagan District Collector of Karur

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