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The lethal combination of high knockdown and mortality effects of the insecticide incorporated into MAGNet’s filaments kills almost all mosquitoes sitting on MAGNet®LN. MAGNet®LN does not provide mere physical barrier to mosquitoes but gives a far better protection to people sleeping under it due to high bioefficacy. MAGNet®LN is 100% safe to people sleeping under it.


MAGNet®LN Vs. coated polyester LLIN

MAGNet®LN: Insecticide incorporated net

  • Reservoir of insecticide in the fiber core
  • True controlled release of insecticide molecules from fiber core to its surface
  • Insecticide lost from surface on washing is replenished from the reservoir within
  • After 20 washes: Bioefficacy is 90-95% of new MAGNet®LN

Sustained bioefficacy and high denier HDPE make MAGNet®LN really long lasting (up to 5 years)

Insecticide coated polyester net

  • No insecticide reservoir in fiber core
  • Entire amount of insecticide is coated on to the fibre surface
  • No replenishment of insecticide lost from surface is possible
  • After 20 washes: Bioefficacy is far less than that of new polyester net

Polyester nets last for a maximum of 2 years due to decreasing bio efficacy and weaker yarn.

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