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a) Withstands harsh washings (typical washing style in villages). Only the a.i. concentrations on the surface of the yarn is depleted no matter how harsh the washing is. Major portion of a.i. is impregnated into the fibre. Therefore lesser loss of a.i. leading to more efficient long term protection. Less dumping of hazardous material into environment.
b) Made of 150 denier High density polyethylene monofilament yarn. Heavy duty and very strong. High bursting strength of minimum of 400 kPa for seams
c) High performance and durability. Gives very long life up to 5 years
d) Extra Safe. Safer for children use. A major portion of the a.i. is not on the surface of the yarn but incorporated inside the fiber.
e) Long term cost benefits. Provides up to 5 years of useful life.
f) Ultra fast quick regeneration under normal tropical climate. Only 24 hrs to regain full efficacy after each washing. Does not require any special heat treatment to boost up regeneration.
g) Greener product as MAGNet®LN uses lesser heat energy during the manufacturing process thus leaving a lower carbon foot print.
h) WHO Prequalified.
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