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V.KA Polymers Private Limited is the part of a well-diversifned and family owned V.KA Group of Companies in Southern India in the state of Tamil Nadu. The V.KA. Group of activities include Dairy, Transportation, Agro, Bore Wells and Polymers, the headquarters being at Karur.

V.K.A. Polymers Private Limited specializes in manufacturing HDPE monofilament mosquito nets for more than 40 years (started as Anand Plastics in 1975). Backed by their vast experience and research & development in the field VKA started manufacturing long lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN) from 2009. MAGNet® and VEERALINTM are VKA’s registered trademark of high performance LLINs. VKA is the only High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) LLIN manufacturer to have all ISO 9001:2015, IS0 14001:2015 and ISO 45001: 2018

Our goal is to introduce innovation in our production processes and develop the most affordable products to help in preventing the spread of vectoral diseases. A team of dedicated, experienced, well-qualifed staff supports our research and commercial activities, where the prime Importance of our products is to control malaria the main objective. Ever since the establishment of the company. Our LLIN products have been playing an important role in the reduction and control of malaria throughout the world. VKA works closely with major NG0’s, Ministry of Health VKA polymer products are produced in India which are IS0 9001:2015 certifed.


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